NBN Co Limited - Authorisations - A91290 - A91292

  • NBN Co Limited
Authorisation number(s)/Date lodged
  • A91290, 23rd January 2012
  • A91291, 23rd January 2012
  • A91292, 23rd January 2012
On 23 January 2012 NBN Co Limited (NBN Co) applied for authorisation for particular provisions of an agreement between itself and SingTel Optus Pty Ltd and other Optus entities (Optus) to migrate Optus' hybrid fibre-coaxial cable (HFC) subscribers to the national broadband network (NBN).

On 19 July 2012 the ACCC issued a determination granting authorisation for a period of 20 years.

A copy of the ACCC's determination and media release is available by following the links below.